Posted by: Will Brereton
Date: 02nd February 2018

Jaime Coach Profile     Jx2


Meet Jaime. Jaime attended our very first SH1FT Coach course, in London in May 2017 and became a founding SH1FT Coach.  Jaime runs JLF Training, where she teaches a number of group fitness classes in the Cheshunt area. She is also a qualified personal trainer. 

We asked Jaime to join us for our last round of workout filming and she now features as the Poster-Coach for SH1FT W1NTER. At SH1FT we are all about keeping it real, which means featuring real SH1FT Coaches in our workouts, as it is our SH1FT Coaches who are the ones that really know what it takes to be inspiring Group Fitness Instructors.      


Why we love Jaime: Jaime is an exceptional motivator finding the perfect balance between pushing people and making sure they still enjoy their workout! Having fun is a crucial element of the SH1FT workout – and Jaime nails this. Whether she is teaching first timers, or seasoned class goers, she makes sure everyone is working at their own ‘personal best’ and gets everything they possibly can out of the class. Oh and did we mention she has incredible technique!?! 


We asked Jaime, her thoughts on the SH1FT...


What do you love about SH1FT?

I love the fact that SH1FT gives me new content every month! No other programme that I have ever taught gives this much new content, this frequently, to instructors. My class participants are never bored and classes are always fresh! I also love the fact that it is licence free so I can teach it in my community classes or even the park!


What’s your favourite SH1FT workout?

My favourite workout so far is HIITMOB – I love the mix of intense cardio and mobility moves! I can’t wait to put my class through the new release W1NTER though! 


What’s your class goers favourite thing about SH1FT?

My class participants love SH1FT because the workouts include the bodyweight moves that they know and are familiar with, alongside brand-new moves that really challenge them! They always feel like they’ve achieved something great at the end of every workout! The themes also bring a lot of fun and energy to the workouts.


Want to find out more about Jaime?

Jaime is one of many amazing SH1FT Coaches in our SQUAD. So keep an eye on the blog for a new Coach Profile each month.