Posted by: Samantha Brereton
Date: 01st December 2017

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Meet Ria. Ria is one of our very first SH1FT Coaches, training with us in London, back in May when we launched SH1FT. Ria teaches a range of group fitness classes at the University of Sussex and Peacehaven as well as being a PT and a full-time mum – she’s a busy woman!

 Why we love Ria:

Ria brings so much energy and fun to her classes – like dressing up in full costume at Halloween or taking her gym classes outside in the warmer weather. At SH1FT we want our Coaches to put their own unique stamp on the workouts, so that every workout is different, depending on the personality of the SH1FT Coach. Ria absolutely does this, and she does it with so much enthusiasm and passion. That’s why we love her – and why her class goers love her too!

We asked Ria, her thoughts on SH1FT...


What do you love about SH1FT?

Personally, I love SH1FT because it’s a completely functional workout, there are no exercises just because they’re going to feel hard. Everything works within the bodies limitations and with how the body should move. It can be a quick 30min class or you can use the add on timers to get a 45min workout, everything can be modified to make it easier & progressions can be used to build people up.

What’s your favourite SH1FT workout?

My favourite is definitely GRAND SLAM as you get an amazing core workout as well as legs and arms. Your core screams the next day if you’ve really worked into each movement! It’s safe to say my clients love the challenge of GRAND SLAM but it’s super tough so I don’t think it’s one they would pick as their personal favourite!

What’s your class goers favourite SH1FT workout?

SH1FT 101 and PLYOGA. Everyone loves the original 101 mainly because it’s easy to follow and you know what’s coming - you just have to power through those six exercises for each round. PLYOGA is also a class favourite as the combination of held moves mixed with the dynamic movement is brilliant. They like having the chance to breathe but also still working at the same time with the held move.  Chaturanga hold is my favourite but it takes a little coaching to get people in the correct position - doing it on the knees for a lot of people makes it do able. 


Want to find out more about Ria?


Ria is one of many amazing SH1FT Coaches in our SQUAD. So keep an eye on the blog for a new Coach Profile each month.