Posted by: Samantha Brereton
Date: 04th June 2018

Simon for Blog


Meet Simon. Simon is a founding SH1FT Coach, qualifying way back in May 2017, when we first launched. Simon teaches Group Fitness classes in the Essex area, but not only that – he is also a paramedic!  

Continuing with our ‘keeping it real’ style, we invited Simon along to our last round of filming and he now stars in our latest workout, GRID1RON. This one’s a toughie but Simon absolutely nailed it on camera – proving, once again, that real life Coaches are the best example of what it takes to be an inspiring Group Fitness Instructor, both on and off camera!   


Why we love Simon: Simon’s passion for group fitness is second to none! He cares so much about this industry and ensuring that his classes get the very best experience. He likes to mix things up, and keep his classes challenged and is 110% committed to staying at the forefront of new and exciting developments in Group Fitness.


We asked Simon, his thoughts on the SH1FT...


What do you love about SH1FT?

It's so easy to teach and I can take it anywhere! No matter where I am going I am able to teach to others or get a cheeky workout in myself.

What’s your favourite SH1FT workout? 

GRANDSLAM is my bag. It gives you such a great sweat and it really works the whole body so well.

What is your class goers favourite thing about SH1FT?

They love the themes to each workout, this keeps things fresh and the body guessing. My guys love a new challenge and SH1FT is perfect for that. They always look forward to new moves!

What is their favourite workout? 

Bolt is their favourite, from start to finish it’s full on. The ‘Get Up’ move is the biggest challenge for them and they practise a lot! I’m pushing them to keep trying - we now even have a little competition to see who can do it and how many! Everyone loves a prize so they certainly give it their all.


Simon is one of many amazing SH1FT Coaches in our SQUAD. So keep an eye on the blog for new Coach Profiles!