Posted by: Will Brereton
Date: 14th March 2019

We are very pleased to announce the launch of L1FT – our group fitness resistance training solution for instructors.

L1FT workouts utilize weights to build strength and burn fat. The movements are safe, smart and progressive so no fitness level is left behind, and a mixture of explosive strength work and high repetitions helps to create a lean and athletic body. Plus, the metabolic effect of HIIT training means that not only do you work up a serious sweat, but you also continue to burn calories long after the workout is over.

The workout is HIIT based and lasts for 25 - 30 minutes, but it can be stacked with other SH1FT/L1FT workouts or timers to extend the class length. Every L1FT workout can be modified to accommodate every age and stage of fitness.

L1FT is available in the SH1FT App from today for all existing Coaches at no additional cost – we are offering both SH1FT and L1FT for the same monthly subscription price of £9.99. For all new Coaches, we are also offering the 2 for 1 bundle. Become certified in SH1FT and you will automatically be qualified to teach both SH1FT and L1FT whilst only paying one monthly subscription fee. This continues our mission of providing high quality fitness solutions to instructors for an affordable price.

We are also offering a special launch discount to new Coaches. Sign up to SH1FT Virtual Instructor Training before the end of March and you can get certified in SH1FT & L1FT for the low price of £99 (usually £149). Use the following code at checkout to apply the discount: L1FTNOW

We are thrilled to be able to offer Instructors and their class goers the opportunity to reap the many benefits of resistance training. At SH1FT, we like to focus on the way a workout makes us feel - the ‘look’ is just a bonus side effect. A lot of the degenerative changes seen in the spine and peripheral joints with ageing are due to muscle loss which is why weight training is so important. With L1FT you will build a stronger body that allows you to take on the challenges of everyday life while also creating stronger joints that will help you stay strong as you age and remain fit for life.

To train in SH1FT and L1FT today, sign up now via our website:


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