Become a Coach, and make SH1FT work for you

  • No gym licence fee

    Teach SH1FT & L1FT anywhere, no gym licence fees required.

  • No attendance requirements

    Access everything you need to run successful SH1FT & L1FT classes using the Online Coach Portal with no further attendance requirements.

  • Complete flexibility

    You're free to cancel and rejoin at any time, at no extra cost.

SQUAD subscription benefits available to official Coaches

SH1FT® Coaches have full use of the SH1FT® branding and access to the one-of-a-kind SH1FT® App to deliver workouts in any environment - gym, community or park! 

  • A new SH1FT® Workout every month
  • Unlimited access to EVERY workout on the SH1FT® App - for no extra cost
  • Unlimited access to the SH1FT® Coach Portal, which includes instructional videos and educational content for every workout
  • The right to use the SH1FT® marketing pack including all logos and promotional materials

Who can become a SH1FT Coach?

SH1FT is the perfect format for fitness professionals.

The SH1FT App allows Coaches to focus on the class in front of them, without the worry of memorising complex intervals or choreography. 

  • 2 formats in 1, bodyweight and resistance
  • Use your own music 
  • SH1FT & L1FT classes are taught using an Android or iOS device

What is SH1FT 101?

SH1FT's Coach Course covers everything from the science behind the workouts, to tips for perfecting your teaching style and everything in between. The course finishes with an assessment that will allow Coaches to start teaching SH1FT & L1FT straight away. When you sign up for SH1FT 101 you will receive:

  • Instant access to the SH1FT Coach Portal and Video Manual
  • Streaming access to the SH1FT & L1FT 101 Workouts
  • Ongoing support from the SH1FT Forum and Master Trainers